That explains it!!!

I hit the range today to do some training and I kept noticing that “Red” wasn’t shooting very well. I did a bunch of partial target shooting and I would call a shot, and when I got to the target it was much higher than it should be. I pulled out my Accu-Shadow “Blue” and had no issues.

I didn’t look the gun over too much and just did some close range stuff like 4 Aces and Bill Drills to confirm that my dry-fire has been working. I have my reloads down to 1.15 seconds, and my draw was feeling nice and smooth. I did some turn and draws also, and they are feeling really good!

I finished the day with some group shooting at 25 yards. I had 6 rounds left in one magazine, so I loaded 6 in another to do a comparison between Red and Blue. I slapped a couple of pasters on a no shoot for aiming point and went back to the truck which was at the 25 yard line. I loaded up Blue and shot that for a group which is the best I have ever shot off hand.  Just over an inch, it was slightly right so I am going to drift my rear left a small amount.


Without leaving the line, I set down Blue and loaded up Red and shot another group on a different paster and the group size was about 5″ and not consistent. The gun has shot 2″ groups in the past and has the CGW bushing in it which while not as tight as the Accu bushing still tighted it up.


When I got home I spent some time with my puppy Joy as she was spayed yesterday and is still recovering. Carla stayed home with her while I was at the range, but she needed her daddy to snuggle with.

Finally I decided I should go put the guns in the safe, so I grabbed the range bag and headed into the cave. I decided to clean the barrel properly to see if maybe there was some leading in the barrel, there wasn’t. I know that Red has a bit more creep in the single action mode than Blue as it doesn’t have a comp hammer. So I ordered one of those as I don’t want to cut down the hooks on the factory hammer. I read that factory Shadow hammer is only surface hardened so I didn’t want to screw that up, and the comp hammer has shorter hooks which mean less creep.

After cleaning the barrel I started to wipe down the exterior of the pistol and noticed a slight problem with my front sight.  Broken in half and the fiber rod was the only thing holding it in.  I measured the amount of movement with my calipers and I found .040″ of total vertical movement and .015″ horizontal movement. Easily explained how my groups doubled in size.


The sight is a Dawson Precision sight, but the fault that it broke was mine not their sight design or a manufacturing flaw. When I installed the CGW bushing, I didn’t have the sight straight in the dovetail when I reinstalled it and I buggered up the sights dovetail. I filed them smooth again and loctited it in but it was loose and I was going to replace it and forgot.


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