Month: July 2016

Mark 7 Auto-drive

Got home last night to find that UPS finally learned how to deliver a package to my house.  I immediately changed clothes and grabbed the package and headed into the mancave.  I had already prepped the 1050 and removed it from my bench and redid the cable routing of the casefeeder and Mr. Bulletfeeder to avoid electrical interference issues.  So I cut open the box and started removing parts.  Only issue was the ziplock baggie containing the hardware wasn’t secured shut and some bolts and things fell into the main box, including a 3/8″ nut that I later had to dig through the box to locate.

I took the base of the Mark 7 to my bench and removed the rubber feet from the plate as I decided before hand that I was going to bolt it down to my overbuilt bench.  I squared it up and ensured it was level.  I marked my holes and drilled through the bench.  I used 1/4-20 bolts that had previously been holding the press to the bench and locked it down.  I grabbed the 1050 and mounted it to the base, and installed the pulley which is when I discovered I didn’t have the 3/8″ nut.  I finally found it in the bottom of the large box it shipped in. Once the pulley was installed I lowered the ram and installed the belt and tightened it and locked it down.  (more…)


Up with the chickens

What do you do when it is 4am and you are awake because you are excited for Area 3? Get your ass out of bed and do some dry-fire!

I was up with the chickens this morning thinking about Area 3 and the things I need to do before I go.  So I made a short list:

  1. Clean the extractors and extractor channel of both Red and Blue
  2. Clean barrels and chambers of Red and Blue
  3. Lube Red and Blue

Pretty simple, but that is how I roll.


Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 17 July 2016

No video, I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t bring my GoPro and I didn’t ask anyone to record my runs.  Woke up cranky and feeling burned out of life in general, which translated into not really that excited for the match.  I had considered strongly just skipping the match, but in the end I was happy I went even though I felt like crap physically and mentally.

Arrived early to test out my new loads over the chronograph (Thanks Timmy), and I believe that 3.8 grains behind the 124 grain bullets will be over 130 power factor to give me plenty of cushion.

Did my walk-throughs and came up with a basic plan for each stage, but as I really didn’t care I didn’t program as well as I should.  I decided just to shoot the gun, and what happened is what happened. (more…)

Great Plains Sectional review

I know that it is late, and there is no video to accompany it as I haven’t had time to review what I have. I recorded first person video with my GoPro, and Tim recorded a couple of stages third person for me and posted them to his YouTube. I will get mine posted eventually, but I do know that the GoPro had a weird incident on stage 8 where it just stopped recording for a few seconds so I don’t get to see anything after opening the door until shooting the next array through a port.

The week before the match I felt good, I felt ready. Then Wednesday hit and Carla texted me and told me that she was leaving work as she had to take her dad to the emergency room. Diagnosis = brain tumor. Emergency surgery on Thursday morning, and they removed a cancerous tumor the size of a tangerine from his left frontal lobe. Oncologist says 6 months to a year. This sucks as I really, really like my father in law. He has always been supportive of me shooting and tells me how proud he is, unlike my actual father that could care less. I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the match, but Friday night Carla gave me her blessing. (more…)