Sweating in the backyard

So glad I have a fence now as I can dry-fire in the backyard. People can still see me, but I really don’t give a crap. I shoot with my neighbor to the west so he doesn’t care and my neighbors to the north can’t speak english.

Last few days I have been working with my bullets forward Racers, and they seem to be working well. I have finally been able to get sub second reloads in dry-fire! I really had problems getting a decent index on the magazines with bullets out and this is running much smoother. I can’t wait to get my Safariland’s though, I already have a plan to create a drop spacer that will allow them to sit a bit farther off the belt and down a bit further if necessary.  I have also changed my draw a bit and adjusted the holster so the web of my strong hand doesn’t catch on the beavertail as it did before, and this has made my draw way more consistent. 

Tonight I worked the draw and reloads again for a warm up. I stapled a sheet of paper on the fence and setup 2 shooting boxes 7 yards from it and 6 feet apart. Ran Steve Anderson’s Call It and Leave It drill. Started at 10 seconds and made it to 24 seconds before I was completely gassed.

I did some shooting and moving drills at different distances and would draw and move and shoot 6 to 10 “shots” while moving at different speed and different directions.

Finished the session with some turn and draws, I had Carla video them to watch them in Slo-mo to ensure that my muzzle didn’t break the 180. Par time was 1.0 second and I was hitting it easily, which is a first.

Feeling good, feeling really good. One of the first things I see every morning is my written goal of “I am a Grandmaster” and I see it again in my truck and at work. I can feel it, I know it is coming. I will shoot consistantly and to my ability level. I am ready for the GP Section match.


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