Holy crap it was hot – 24 June 2016

On Friday I woke up somewhat early and headed into town with my gear.  Stopped at the plasma joint and made a donation to make a few bucks.  Once that was done I went straight to the range.

Setup in the bay (which was finally mowed) with 3 metric targets with standard spacing and pulled out my two steel plates.  I shot a group or two at 25 yards which were acceptable.  I moved forward to the 10 yard line and decided to run an El Presidente.  I have been working on my turn and draw a bit since the Vogel course and decided to give it a match type run.  I videotaped it and produced 60 points in 5.40 seconds, which would be 11.1111 hit factor and a 108% run.  Not too shabby.

I need to remember that speed and feeling if it is ever in a match.  It didn’t feel rushed and felt smooth and each shot was called.  I ran a couple more El Presidente’s each above a 95%, but I tried to push a bit more speed and my reload went to hell.

I setup my plates as wide as possible, and then put one of my shooting boxes at 15 yards, and the other at 10 yards.  I shot one plate from the 15 yard box, and moved forward and put 2 on each paper target while moving and when I got to the second box I would finish on the last plate.  Timing wasn’t bad as I was ready to shoot the last plate when I got into the box, but my hits while moving was slightly lacking on the paper.  Next time I go to the range, I am going to work on shooting on the move again as it continues to need work.

I did some partial work and some Bill drills.  Definitely faster than I was before the Vogel class.  I also re-positioned my holster so it is a bit more muzzle back to allow my web of my hand to get into the beavertail high without having to moisten the web of my hand.

I ended up leaving the range a bit sooner than I originally thought I would as it was hot and humid and I was gassed.


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