Goddamn it, stupid mag pouches!

My Ghost 360’s are dead.  Taking my belt out of the truck I dropped it, and accidentally stepped on it breaking three of them.  So I pulled out my DAA Racers setup for bullets out that I still had in my gear drawer and slapped them on the belt to continue dry-firing.  I can’t stand them!  In the bullets out configuration I have issues with the tension plate and leaf spring popping out when I remove the magazine quickly.  They sit too far from the belt in bullets out configuration for my tastes, so I moved them back to bullets forward.

Still not a fan, they don’t release the mag as smoothly as I would like and I still have the occasional issue with the back plate and leaf spring popping out.  I have found that I seem to find the first mag better with bullets forward and my reloads have been a bit smoother.  So I ordered some Safariland 773’s.  I will probably have to make some different mounts for the belt as they sit really high on the belt, but I like the fact they are simple kydex with a roller so less parts than the DAA.  Hopefully they release smooth.  Unfortunately, no one ever has them in stock, and are expected to ship on July 5th, which is after the next club match, but before the GP Sectional.  I hope to get them before that match so I can have them setup and some practice done with them!


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