Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 19 June 2016


Match mode is working well.  1st place Production division, and 2nd Overall just getting beat by one of those pesky Open shooters.  106 Alphas, 21 Charlies, and one No Shoot/Mike on a Virginia count stage.

Felt good, felt consistent.  I didn’t try to burn everything down, I just shot to my sights and ran the gun. No thoughts in my head as I shot, just let it go and went.  Programming of the stages was better then previous matches but still needs to be worked on.

Stage 2
28 – A
2 – C
19.18 seconds
7.6121 hit factor
1/11 Production division
1/44 Overall

First shooter, on the first stage for our squad, again. Maybe next time they go from the bottom of the alphabet for choosing the shooting order! Really didn’t feel that ready for the stage, made a quick change to my stage plan during the 5 minute walk-through that was not 5 minutes. Finished programming the stage while throwing on my earmuffs and Prince grip. At the last minute I remembered to turn on the GoPro, after I made ready, but before the start beep. Cleared my mind and just shot. Focused on the proper sight picture for the targets that I had available, and went to work. Obviously it worked as I was 1st overall on the stage.

Transitions weren’t bad but could be improved upon. The reloads still need work. Hits were great, and it felt pretty darn good.

Stage 3
10 – A
5 – C
1 – M
1 – NS
9.16 seconds
4.9127 hit factor
6/11 Production division
14/44 Overall

Felt like a good speed, but I should have slowed down a bit more on the 4th target. Classic target with a no shoot covering most of the A zone, only 3 to 4 inches of brown showing, and I dropped one into the no shoot from the first position. It was a Virginia count stage so I couldn’t make it up, so 20 points in penalties from one target! Thankfully it was a low point stage that wouldn’t matter much for me in the long run of the match. I was the fastest shooter on the stage, so I could have slowed just a bit more on that target.

Stage 4 – CM 99-08 Melody Line
10 – A
2 – C
7.61 seconds
7.3587 hit factor
1/11 Production division
1/44 overall

I didn’t try to burn this classifier down, I just shot to my sights like I am supposed to. Hits were great and I shot it in the fastest time overall, but my draw needs a bit of work on the turn and draw. I tend to wait until I am completely turned to the targets before I start taking my gun out of the holster and it slows me down. My reload was also a bit sloppy and rough. Still worked out to a 91% so my highest classifier to date and a good middle of the road Master class run.

Stage 5
21 – A
3 – C
13.93 seconds
8.1838 hit factor
1/11 Production division
4/44 overall

Good stage, but would have been slightly faster if I wouldn’t have broken my grip on the gun when I shot the second mini-popper. I called a hit, but it wasn’t one so I had started to pull the gun in to start a reload and my support hand came off the gun. I reacquired my grip and shot it down, and then moved and reloaded, but cost me about a second. I should also have been a bit more aggressive on the third array, it was close and I could have burned it faster as the no shoot barely effected anything, the A zones were mostly wide open.

Stage 6
24 – A
4 – C
16.53 seconds
7.9855 hit factor
1/11 Production division
5/44 overall

Programmed it right, executed it right. Could have been a bit more aggressive on my splits.

Stage 1
27 – A
5 – C
37.42 seconds
4.0086 hit factor
1/11 Production division
3/44 overall

Had a slight advantage as several of us had a modified version of this stage at the Vogel class the day before and we each shot it a couple times the day before. It was missing the swingers the day before, and it caused us to go back and forth a bit more during the actual match. I shot both poppers to activate both swingers right away, which was no big deal as then I could run do the stage left to right. Errors were too many make up shots on steel, and the last swinger. I didn’t look during the walk through where it would be at rest after it stopped swinging, so I tried to shoot it at the last position, and I didn’t have much of an angle. I had to wait until the C zone was available and shoot 2 C’s on it. It took too much time to wait for it, and if I would have engaged it at the previous shooting position I would have had more target available to shoot.

Final Thoughts

Good match, good attitude, and good people. Helped out running the timer, the scoring Nook and resetting. Took time a shooter or two before me to prep for the stage, and make sure someone would record 3rd person and setup my GoPro. It was hot, and humid, but it is just preparing me for the Great Plains Sectional in a few more weeks. July 10th!


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