Delivery time

Ammo is ready for the Vogel course this weekend.  Going to be another long hot couple of days!


Lots of stuff came in for me today.  9k of Acme 124gr bullets, was supposed to get in 12k but one of the cases is in USPS transit hell, hopefully it will show up at some point! Switched to the Acme’s as I could get them the cheapest out of all the coated bullet companies due to a 10% off discount code that I had.  It means I will have to make a few adjustments to the press and work up a load, but it should be pretty easy. I pulled about 10 bullets at random and they were extremely consistent in diameter, and really consistent on weight.  I also love how they ship them, laser cut wooden boxes that fit the USPS Medium Priority Mail box perfectly, with a crap load of strapping to hold everything together. And after loading the bullets, I will have some nice wooden boxes to use for other miscellaneous stuff.

Also got in 32 pounds of Titegroup. 4 – 8 pound containers. Not that long ago I couldn’t even find a pound, so time to stock up!

Hit the range after work and just shot for accuracy at 20 yards and out to 35 yards.  Was shooting on a NRA D-1 tombstone target. The problems that I had the last time I was at the indoor range seem to be gone and I was able to shoot several nice groups at 30 yards.  Still snatch the trigger a bit, but not enough to throw out of the A zone.  After running accuracy drills, I finally pulled out the timer and did some 2 at 25 drills, easily capable of making the hits under 2 seconds.




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