Practice – 8 June 2016

Bill Drills: 5, 7, 15, 25 and 40 yards.  Not as fast as I would like and had to really focus on my grip.  Ended up ripping off the skin on the back side of my strong hand from gripping so strongly.

I did set out my 8″ plate at 40 yards and I practiced drawing for a one shot hit on the plate. Averaged about 1.8 seconds, but wasn’t as consistant with my hits as I would have liked.

Basically felt like I was shooting like garbage and I don’t know why.  Head really wasn’t in it like it should have been.

Hopefully the Vogel class will help work out the bugs.

I ordered 32 pounds of Titegroup on Saturday night, and 12000 bullets on Sunday.  Going to try out ACME coated bullets this time in 124 grain as I had a 10% discount code and got them the cheapest price I could find from all the coated bullet companies.  I have shot a few ACME bullets as they always give some away at the Wisconsin Section match and they shoot well.


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