GSSF – 12 June 2016

Worked for 2 days in 95 degree heat for the Big Sioux Ballistic Challenge V at the Big Sioux Rifle and Pistol Club.  I sweated like a whore in church but had a good time.  I won another GLOCK certificate on the range officer drawing that is two years in a row now!!

I didn’t renew my membership as I am cheap and would rather spend the money on bullets and powder.  I did sort of quasi-shoot the match, as in I shot it but didn’t register or submit the score sheets, as I kept them to see how I compared to my times last year.  I beat my time from last year but not by much.  As I have won 3 performance awards from GSSF, I am a GSSF “Master”.  Much harder to win a gun unless you shoot all 7 divisions that you can as a Master, and I am not really sure how they figure the prize distribution for Masters.  

I shot my GLOCK 19 with Warren Tactical sights which has a big honking tritium front. First stage I shot was the 5 to GLOCK which I did in the morning before the shooters started to arrive and the tempurature was cooler.  Times were pretty sporty, and my hits were great only adding 3 seconds of penalties so my time for the stage was 18.61 seconds total.

Later in the day at about 1 afternoon and we were almost done with the shooters and the stage I was RO’ing was empty I went and shot GLOCK the Plates, which is a plate rack at 11 yards for 4 strings.  Only the last string was decent, the other 3 was not my best.  Total time was 14.90 seconds.

GLOCK ‘M was next and this is where I screwed the pooch.  I attempted to burn it down and show off.  12 seconds flat raw time, and 12 seconds in penalties (dumbass!) for a 24 second stage time.

Grand total for time was 57.51 seconds.  Just barely beating my best time from last year. Was still a fun couple of days and I got to meet a bunch of nice people.



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