Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 5 June 2016

This match is how I need to shoot matches.  Still a few things to fix, but on the whole my best match performance to date in my opinion.  After the Superclassifier match, I was mad at myself for not taking it seriously and I told myself that I was going to absolutely destroy everyone.  I showed up an hour and a half early, did my walkthroughs and made my stage plans.  Good plans, good execution, but my programming could have been a bit better as I had a slight hiccup or two, but all in all I am happy with my performance.

Stage 1
20 – A
4 – C
1/1 steel
16.17 seconds
7.2356 hf
1/12 Production Division
3/38 Overall

First stage of the day, first shooter. A simple layout with open targets and a swinger activated by a mini popper. Only really issue I had was a slight hiccup in my programming for the second array of targets, but I went 1 for 1 on the steel and had plenty of time to shoot another target while waiting for the swinger. The three guys that shot it faster were open shooters, and they didn’t beat me by much.

Stage 2
26 – A
2 – B
1 – C
1 – M
4/4 steel
27.42 seconds
4.7046 hf
1/12 Production Division
5/38 Overall

Strange stage design, heavily in favor for Limited and Open shooters. Mags had to be on the barrels, and they were forward of where you picked up the gun, so I had to stow one in a magazine pouch which took longer than it should have. I need to practice that. This stage had my only miss of the day and it was on the last array as I was trying to burn it down. I didn’t call it like I should have, my grip was poor when I shot the first round into the target and the followup shot went into the hard cover of the C zone. I knew the sights didn’t return to where they should have but I didn’t make it up. Stupid of me.

Stage 3
28 – A
2 – C
1/1 steel
21.31 seconds
7.0859 hf
1/12 Production Division
3/38 Overall

I think I could have shot this a bit faster after watching the video. My third and fourth reloads were a bit slower than I would have liked, but great hits and decent speed. Only 3 people beat me with faster times and they were Limited and Open shooters again. Should have shot the plate down faster and on the move, as I had plenty of ammo and could have done it by hosing it down quick, instead I took too long to post up and hit it.

Stage 4
19/19 steel
16.42 seconds
5.7856 hf
1/12 Production Division
2/38 Overall

2 plate racks, 2 mini poppers hidden behind barrels and a Texas star. 1/2 second behind the open shooter that won the stage overall. A couple of makeups on the first rack, and then a couple of makeups on the star, but the second rack went down nicely. Reloads were smooth and fast enough. Really happy with this stage.

Stage 5
20 – A
6 – C
16.88 seconds
6.9905 hf
1/12 Production Division
3/38 Overall

Good stage, good plan. Slight programming error on two areas, the second array and last array. The second array I transitioned to the wrong target, but realized it and transitioned to the correct target but it cost me about .5 seconds. Then on the last array after running the length of the fault line I stopped about a step too short and had to move a bit further right to shoot the last target.

Final Thoughts

I switched back to a red fiber after the last match and I saw the sights much better.  90 A’s and only 15 B and Cs.  The one miss was bad and it shouldn’t have happened, but I learned from it.  Draws were improved as I made some changes to my holster position which smoothed out hands at side, but caused a bit of surrender draw issues which I will fix tonight in dry fire.  Reloads felt good, and my accuracy is back.  Time to continue to practice so when I get to the GP Section match in a month I do well.

This next weekend I am ROing the GSSF match in Sioux Falls and it is supposed to be in the 90’s each day.  That is going to suck!  The next weekend is two days training with Bob Vogel and then a club match.  Going to be a fun two weeks!


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