Sell my plasma for a Mark 7

Dryfire has been fairly consistent for the last week or so even with our house torn apart for the new flooring in the upper level.  Thankfully my wife is awesome and didn’t just want to cram my dryfire dojo full of the furniture while the floor was installed.  Now it is done and we have most everything back where it belongs and it looks so much better!

Today I woke up and headed into Brookings and did something that I haven’t done since college… donate plasma.  New place opened up and Carla texted me about it and did some simple math and if I donate once or twice a week for the next 7 to 8 months it will easily pay for a Mark 7 for my 1050 to automate it.  The first time took a couple hours due to the physical and inital question crap.  From now on it will only be an hour each time and some easy money for me and it helps people.

After donating Carla and I ate some raw fish at the sushi joint next door and I hit the indoor range and shot the .22 pistol exclusively.  Shot groups and only groups.  500 rounds worth of .22lr mostly at 25 yards, but some at 10 and 7.  I also shot groups on the 1″ dots target at 7 yards, just shooting 5 rounds into each dot.  This allowed me to focus on trigger control.  Felt good.  I used to shoot .22 pistol a lot back before the price of .22lr went crazy from all the neckbeards hoarding it, and I really think that it helped me be a better shooter so I figured I would give it a try again.

Tomorrow I attend a long day of the NRA Range Safety Officer course, which is 8 hours of being told to consult the SOP for the range you are working at.  So freaking boring, but after I work a certain number of hours as a RSO for the indoor range, I will be able to use the range during off hours and actually draw my gun.  I will also be able to take our officers there and turn down the lights to conduct low light training.  Yippee!


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