Practice – 20 May 2016

Up bright and early and headed to the range. Arrived and found that the gates were open and a couple of guys laying the foundation for the new clubhouse. I checked with them to see if they had any problems with me using a bay and they said they didn’t. I noticed that Brandon was already down using another part of the range doing some training. I went to the first bay and pulled out 3 target stands and my two 8″ static plates.

As I have been in speed mode most of the winter and spring, it has been difficult for me to find match performance on demand, as I usually am pushing myself too hard at the match, so I was going to focus match speed and only A’s or very close C hits.

I brought my Browning Buckmark .22 pistol with and I shot about 200 or more rounds with it for accuracy and attempted to shoot the tightest groups that I could at various distances. That started to feel good and I was once again stacking all of my shots into an acceptable group out to 15 yards, I had been having a bit of trouble with this as in speed mode I have been slapping the trigger more aggressively than I should, and dry fire has exacerbated this. Wall drills help, but I have found shooting a .22 with very little recoil and noise is the best way for me to ensure that I remember how to pull a trigger properly.

I set up three targets at standard spacing with no shoots stapled in various ways to create partial targets.  I went to 7 yards and shot a couple of Blake drills on the partial targets. First run was horrible, as I gripped the gun like I had been gripping my Buckmark. After that I gripped properly and accuracy improved.  For me to shoot all A’s the drill would take about 3 seconds both left to right and right to left.

I shot Steve Anderson’s Call it and Leave it drill a few of times. 1 plate at 10 yards, two shooting boxes about 10 feet apart.  Shoot one round and call the shot and immediately move to the next box and repeat.  I set a par time for 10 seconds and I could get 5 hits in 10 seconds.  About 2 seconds between boxes.  When I would miss, I knew it before it happened and would make it up and then move.

I then shot hard entry and exit drills.  Tried to video all of it, but I forgot to bring my tripod mount for my cell phone, so it kept tipping over and just recording the clouds going by. Got a few of the runs on video so I can tell that I am moving better than last year, but still move like a 36 year old that is fat and out of shape.

I shot a couple of Dots at 5 yards and cleaned them and made an attempt at 7 but pooched it on two of the dots by just going a bit too fast.

Finished with a couple of Four Aces and Bill drills.  If I didn’t care about A’s and just burned the 4 Aces by point shooting, I am able to shoot it in 2.4 seconds, but I would drop a C.  If I focused on the hits, I would be around 2.6 seconds.  Bill drills I hit 1.78 seconds, and 1.83 seconds.

I have noticed that my draw is okay, but I am having issues prepping the trigger so that it is ready to shoot when I get on target.  I tend to wait for my sights to be aligned and then slap the trigger to the rear.  I loose about .1 to .2 on the draw because of it.

Transitions have been improved exponientally from last year.  Just have to get my trigger press back to what it was last year.


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