Match review – SFPS Superclassifier

First division – Production

CM 06-10 Steely Speed VII
First up, and shot it okay, could have been better, 4.?? seconds. Got short beeped from the RO so he gave me a reshoot. Did even worse on the reshoot. Ended up with a 6.10 seconds and a crap load of make up shots on the steel. I don’t remember seeing my sights, tried to burn it down. This seemed to be the theme for the day, was going to just shoot to my abilities and instead shot it all in speed mode.

CM 99-47 Triple Choice
10 – A
1 – B
1 – C
1 – D
2 – M
12.76 seconds
2.8997 HF
Nothing much to say about this except for poor accuracy. Speed was good but the accuracy was horrible.

CM 99-33 Raw Deal
3 – A
7 – C
2 – D
6.45 seconds
5.8915 HF
First run was better for accuracy, but RO interference on the draw as he didn’t move the timer fast enough and my elbow struck his hand. I don’t know what the time was as the timer didn’t pick it up. Reshoot again, and I apparently wanted to not use my sights and only shoot C’s and D’s.

CM 99-10 Times Two
9 – A
3 – C
7.76 seconds
6.9588 HF
Finally decided to shoot some A’s. Slow reload between the boxes prevented me from being ready to shoot when I hit the second box. Target transitions were good and so were my hits, just need to nail the reload so I can shoot as soon as I reach the second box.

CM 99-23 Front Sight
8 – A
4 – C
5.35 seconds
9.7196 HF
Good turn and draw and transitions, just need to speed it up a bit for this classifier as it has a crazy high hit factor.

Took awhile to get in the swing of things. I wasn’t focused throughout the match and just screwed around which caused poor performance.

Second division – Single Stack

CM 99-47 Triple Choice
7 – A
2 – C
2 – D
4 – M
13.04 seconds
0.5368 HF
Intentionally tried to burn it down. First time shooting my single stack in a match in a long time, horrible stage, but I did better in the match than I expected.

CM 99-33 Raw Deal
4 – A
8 – C
7.77 seconds
6.6924 HF
Accuracy was slightly lacking, should have been more A’s. Reload sucked as I missed the mag release, maybe I should pull the gun out of the safe more ofter then once every couple of years.

CM 99-10 Times Two
7 – A
5 – C
7.74 seconds
7.1059 HF
Again slow on the reload.

CM 99-23 Front Sight
7 – A
4 – C
1 – D
5.65 seconds
9.3805 HF
Missed the grip on the turn and draw which added about a half a second while I had to get my sights on target. D was on the second target of the first string, started to transition to the next target too quickly.

CM 06-10 Steely Speed VII
3.87 seconds
This is what I meant to do with my Production gun. Just draw the damn gun, put the sights on the target, press the trigger cleanly, and repeat on each target until done.

In short, I shot the entire match like crap. Wasn’t focused. Not happening again.


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