Pew Pew, ‘Murica!

Dry fired fairly regularly this week, nothing to exciting.  Made it to the range on Thursday night for an informal “match” with my neighbor and pastor of one of the local Baptist churches.

Shot my carry gun from appendix and concealed under a polo shirt.  3 stages that you run twice for time.  If he uses paper targets, they are IDPA and it is scored as +1, +3, and fail for a miss.  First stage was steel with some movement.  I got the fastest time on the stage by a couple of seconds.  Second stage was a stand and shoot on steel and I also won that stage.

Third stage was an El Presidente type stage, and while I shot it the fastest, I also dropped too many points thus lost that stage by a second or so.  After that I checked my zero and found that at 12 yards the gun hits 2 inches lower than I would like so I need to get a new front sight to make it hit where I want it to.  Still good enough for now.  I then did some draws to an AC steel at about 15 yards, and my times were 1.2-1.3 seconds.

Went to the indoor range yesterday after watching the new Captain America movie, which was awesome.  Shot a bunch of Dot drills with table starts.  I find it harder to do Dot drills at the indoor range due to the lighting which makes it difficult to see the sights and the target like I can outdoors.  Shot some groups at 25 yards, and then I shot my carry gun some more and confirmed that it shoots low again.  Shot some groups with carry ammo.

Super classifier match tomorrow in Sioux Falls.  Don’t really care about my classification anymore as my major match performance is what really matters to me, so I am not nervous or really care what my national percentage is.  I am just going to go shoot the gun to my abilities.  Shooting Production for my first gun, then going to run it again in Singlestack.



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