So sore

I have dry fired everyday this week for anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Working on match mode, and ensuring that I see every shot and call them where they need to be.  This is a little bit different from when I try to burn speed mode where I am just trying to make the time and C’s and D’s are acceptable as I am just trying to prove to myself I make the par times, and then my vision should hopefully catch up to the speed.

I have noticed that my eye dominance isn’t as strong with my left eye as it has been for the last several years, so I am having to squint my right eye slightly for perfect front sight focus.  I really do need to get to the eye doctor again to have my vision checked as it has been a couple of years.  Last time it was checked it was 20/20 and I don’t think it has changed but I do have an astigmatism.  I have noticed that darkening out the fiber a bit with a marker has been helping getting a crisp sight picture in dry fire, as the fiber isn’t as bright.

Heading to the range tomorrow to do some training and testing.  I have the chronograph loaded this time, and am actually taking sunscreen.  Was planning on a nice leisurely training session, but I will have to cut it a bit shorter than I wanted as I have to train a new officer and have another coming out to run through a qualification.

Sore as hell though.  I have been much more focused on getting in better shape and have been lifting consistently every other day, and cardio and footwork drills the others.  Amazing how out of shape I really was.  So I dry fire to warm up and then exercise.  Still amazes me how much I sweat when I dry fire.



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