Sunburned and cranky

Made to the the range a couple of days ago.  Was running on a few hours of sleep, and ended up forgetting the sunscreen.  Two days later and I am still burnt to a crisp.


Shot a bunch of stuff and wasn’t really that happy, but I started out in speed mode and should have been working in match mode.  Once I figured that out and settled down, it was much better.  Worked on a bunch of accuracy stuff, but forgot dot targets as I normally have them in my truck but I must have run out.  Was having some issues with my draw, but made a slight adjustment to my holster and it is sorted out, just had the muzzle too far forward and with the weight loss it was just not right.  Also forgot my chrono to confirm that my loads are ready for the Wisconsin Sectional in 2 weeks.

After shooting a bunch of different drills, I sighted in my buddies AR’s.  One is a 16″ LMT with iron sights, and the other is a 10.5″ LMT.  I have done some of the work on them and made the recommendations on the parts they are running.  Not surprisingly to me they ran perfectly.  My buddy just hasn’t had time to get out and sight them in, but as my name is listed on his trust for the SBR he asked me to get it done.  Both shot well and when I got back home I installed a Geissele SSA for him, and wish I had done that before sighting them in as it is a nice trigger.

Left wrist is having some issues again.  Developed a cyst on the thumb side, but that isn’t causing any pain.  Just using NSAID’s again to see if I can keep it managable.

Getting ready for Wisconsin.  Shooting on a squad with 2 Production GM’s and 2 Open Masters.  Just have to remember to not try to run their speeds and shoot my own match. I should be able to get to the range to practice a couple more times before going, and I have been dryfiring each day but I haven’t been pushing the par times too much as I want to ensure proper shot placement.


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