Freaking South Dakota weather!!!

Wanted to go to the range today, and work on some field course skills, but our lovely “spring” weather here in South Dakota decided to be evil. Tempuratures were hovering at freezing and the wind was blowing so hard that there was no way to keep my targets from blowing to Minnesota.

Instead I loaded some ammo, and played with the dogs all day. Headed down to the basement and did some dry-fire drills. The basement is a good size, but my wife gets half of the basement for her sewing area so doing big movement drills is really not possible. Once the fence is put up in a couple of weeks, I will be able to set up some of the targets in the backyard and do movement drills there after cleaning up some dog poop. I really don’t give a crap what the neighbors think as the building behind me is full of illegals, and I will just tell the Deputies what I will be doing so they will ignore the fact I am running around in my back yard going fake pew pew.

Short video of some of the dry-fire I did tonight. 10 second par time, with a mix of poppers, partials, and open targets. Draw was on a partial target so a bit slower for the first shot then I would have liked. Movement to the first position was decent, but I took too long for the first shot on a popper. After shooting that array, I need to start my movement to the next position a bit quicker, but it is hard to do when you only have a couple of steps. Once I got into the next position, it was open easy targets so I shot quickly and called all A’s.  I made the 10 second par.  I did this same thing a few more times, and made the 10 second par as long as I didn’t pooch the reloads.


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