Got in to the USPSA Production Nationals and am squadded for Thursday PM, Friday AM, Saturday PM with squad 321. In celebration I decided to push myself with dry-fire last night. A mistake, 3 hours straight is a bit too much.  My left hand is so sore from gripping hard during that session that I can barely open and close it. Also doesn’t help that I ended up tearing skin off of my left middle finger’s pad, the palm of my left hand, the thumb of my left hand and my right thumb. I have superglue on each of the wounds just so I can make it through my shift tonight, and I will have to tape up to dry-fire tonight.

Normally I do about an hour a day, but I just kept going.  Stupid.  Oh well, I learned a bunch and my reloads are looking great.  I just need to get outside and shoot as I have some movement drills I need to work on, but the damn weather hasn’t been cooperating.  Looks like on my days off it is supposed to be in the low 40’s and windy.  Yay.

Feeling faster than last year, but I need to live fire to confirm it.


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