Month: April 2016

One week to go

One week until my first match of the year for me, the Wisconsin Sectional.  I work the next 4 nights and get off work at 0400 hours on Wednesday morning.  That day will most likely suck for me, as I will get off then take a short nap and get up early to start transferring my body to day hours.  Wednesday I will be taking my motorcycle to Sioux Falls to list it for sale with a local shop that sells them through consignment, and I have to stop at Costco as the 36 inch waist shorts I bought are too big.  Thursday I will be on the range with a new officer and hopefully will get in a short practice session myself, confirm chrono and zero with both guns again.  Probably a bit of overkill to chrono again, but it is just the way I roll.   The new guy has one of the worst flinches I have ever seen, but it is just him overthinking it.  He just needs to shoot the damn gun.

Was at the range yesterday, and noticed that my times are good, my accuracy was good, and was feeling decent.  I still can’t get my live fire reloads faster than 1.3 seconds, and my draws are not as fast as they could be.  I know what it is though, I have difficulty allowing myself C’s, D’s and misses as I have been accuracy focused throughout my law enforcement career, and I have always been better than 95% of the other LEO’s I have encountered for both speed and accuracy.  Basically a big fish in a little pond, which is what lead me to shooting USPSA and shoot against better people and push my development to become better.  Dry fire is easy as I just do it, but in live fire the safety side of my brain and my constant worrying about liability of my shots makes me take just a bit more time acquiring my sights than necessary.  So after the section match I will be pushing myself into speed mode to see if I can get past the mental block.  I should be starting my trigger press just a bit sooner when drawing.

I did shoot my first Accelerator in under 6 seconds with all alphas, but it was a one time thing, the rest of them were just over 6 seconds.  The low hanging fruit is the reload and the draw.  Blake drills were possible in under 2 seconds.  25 yard Bill drills were my fastest yet at 3.4 seconds with all A’s and I know that I can drop that to faster times.  Did some distance change up and that was easy to shoot in under 3.0 seconds, didn’t matter if I started on the 15 yard head shots or the close open paper.  All in all it just felt better than my last range session and my mental game was on point.

Last night after getting home from the range I cleaned the guns, and took the Cajun Gun Works bushing out of Red.  I decided to try one out but it made the gun shoot 4 inches high at 20 yards, so the factory one is back in the gun.  I really couldn’t tell if it made the gun more accurate as Red was always really accurate for a factory gun.  But for the price I figured I would give the bushing a go, but I will be selling it.  It is a nice part, but I don’t think it is really necessary for me especially as it is my practice/backup gun.


Tonight I loaded up some ammo for the match and some more practice ammo.  I love the 1050, loads ammo fast and with better quality then when I ran the 550b.  The primers seat nice and deep, and OAL is always within +-.002 even with mixed brass.  Tonight out of the 700 rounds I loaded I only had one that didn’t case gauge and that was Tula brass, so I really wasn’t surprised.  Everything else gauged nicely and plunk tested great.

Will keep up my dry fire during the next week and keep lifting and doing cardio.  Ready as I will ever be!


So sore

I have dry fired everyday this week for anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Working on match mode, and ensuring that I see every shot and call them where they need to be.  This is a little bit different from when I try to burn speed mode where I am just trying to make the time and C’s and D’s are acceptable as I am just trying to prove to myself I make the par times, and then my vision should hopefully catch up to the speed.

I have noticed that my eye dominance isn’t as strong with my left eye as it has been for the last several years, so I am having to squint my right eye slightly for perfect front sight focus.  I really do need to get to the eye doctor again to have my vision checked as it has been a couple of years.  Last time it was checked it was 20/20 and I don’t think it has changed but I do have an astigmatism.  I have noticed that darkening out the fiber a bit with a marker has been helping getting a crisp sight picture in dry fire, as the fiber isn’t as bright.

Heading to the range tomorrow to do some training and testing.  I have the chronograph loaded this time, and am actually taking sunscreen.  Was planning on a nice leisurely training session, but I will have to cut it a bit shorter than I wanted as I have to train a new officer and have another coming out to run through a qualification.

Sore as hell though.  I have been much more focused on getting in better shape and have been lifting consistently every other day, and cardio and footwork drills the others.  Amazing how out of shape I really was.  So I dry fire to warm up and then exercise.  Still amazes me how much I sweat when I dry fire.


Sunburned and cranky

Made to the the range a couple of days ago.  Was running on a few hours of sleep, and ended up forgetting the sunscreen.  Two days later and I am still burnt to a crisp.


Shot a bunch of stuff and wasn’t really that happy, but I started out in speed mode and should have been working in match mode.  Once I figured that out and settled down, it was much better.  Worked on a bunch of accuracy stuff, but forgot dot targets as I normally have them in my truck but I must have run out.  Was having some issues with my draw, but made a slight adjustment to my holster and it is sorted out, just had the muzzle too far forward and with the weight loss it was just not right.  Also forgot my chrono to confirm that my loads are ready for the Wisconsin Sectional in 2 weeks.

After shooting a bunch of different drills, I sighted in my buddies AR’s.  One is a 16″ LMT with iron sights, and the other is a 10.5″ LMT.  I have done some of the work on them and made the recommendations on the parts they are running.  Not surprisingly to me they ran perfectly.  My buddy just hasn’t had time to get out and sight them in, but as my name is listed on his trust for the SBR he asked me to get it done.  Both shot well and when I got back home I installed a Geissele SSA for him, and wish I had done that before sighting them in as it is a nice trigger.

Left wrist is having some issues again.  Developed a cyst on the thumb side, but that isn’t causing any pain.  Just using NSAID’s again to see if I can keep it managable.

Getting ready for Wisconsin.  Shooting on a squad with 2 Production GM’s and 2 Open Masters.  Just have to remember to not try to run their speeds and shoot my own match. I should be able to get to the range to practice a couple more times before going, and I have been dryfiring each day but I haven’t been pushing the par times too much as I want to ensure proper shot placement.

Freaking South Dakota weather!!!

Wanted to go to the range today, and work on some field course skills, but our lovely “spring” weather here in South Dakota decided to be evil. Tempuratures were hovering at freezing and the wind was blowing so hard that there was no way to keep my targets from blowing to Minnesota.

Instead I loaded some ammo, and played with the dogs all day. Headed down to the basement and did some dry-fire drills. The basement is a good size, but my wife gets half of the basement for her sewing area so doing big movement drills is really not possible. Once the fence is put up in a couple of weeks, I will be able to set up some of the targets in the backyard and do movement drills there after cleaning up some dog poop. I really don’t give a crap what the neighbors think as the building behind me is full of illegals, and I will just tell the Deputies what I will be doing so they will ignore the fact I am running around in my back yard going fake pew pew.

Short video of some of the dry-fire I did tonight. 10 second par time, with a mix of poppers, partials, and open targets. Draw was on a partial target so a bit slower for the first shot then I would have liked. Movement to the first position was decent, but I took too long for the first shot on a popper. After shooting that array, I need to start my movement to the next position a bit quicker, but it is hard to do when you only have a couple of steps. Once I got into the next position, it was open easy targets so I shot quickly and called all A’s.  I made the 10 second par.  I did this same thing a few more times, and made the 10 second par as long as I didn’t pooch the reloads.


Got in to the USPSA Production Nationals and am squadded for Thursday PM, Friday AM, Saturday PM with squad 321. In celebration I decided to push myself with dry-fire last night. A mistake, 3 hours straight is a bit too much.  My left hand is so sore from gripping hard during that session that I can barely open and close it. Also doesn’t help that I ended up tearing skin off of my left middle finger’s pad, the palm of my left hand, the thumb of my left hand and my right thumb. I have superglue on each of the wounds just so I can make it through my shift tonight, and I will have to tape up to dry-fire tonight.

Normally I do about an hour a day, but I just kept going.  Stupid.  Oh well, I learned a bunch and my reloads are looking great.  I just need to get outside and shoot as I have some movement drills I need to work on, but the damn weather hasn’t been cooperating.  Looks like on my days off it is supposed to be in the low 40’s and windy.  Yay.

Feeling faster than last year, but I need to live fire to confirm it.