I want to shoot a match!

Due to work, I am definitely not going to make the first club match at Sioux Falls Practical Shooters.  This sucks for me as it would be the only practice match that I can get in before the Wisconsin Sectional, but it is what it is.

I have been working on a bunch of stupid administrative crap for my job, so instead of being out on the road I have been sitting at a desk. So when I get home I am chomping at the bit to do some dry-fire.  The other day as soon as I got home, I hit the basement, and unloaded my carry gun a CZ P-07, and loaded up some dummy rounds to do some FAST drills from concealment.  Holster is an AIWB from JM Custom Kydex, and the magazine pouch is also from him. Par time was 4 seconds, and seemed pretty easy.  The next time I hit the outdoor range, I am going to have to shoot a few runs of it from concealment to see if I can make the 5.0 second goal time that Todd Louis Green specified for the drill.  Todd recently passed away from a long bout with cancer and while I never got to meet him, he definitely helped shape firearms training of today.  We are diminished.

After a few runs from the concealment rig, I switched over to my competition rig, and blazed through a couple FAST drills at 3.5 seconds.  Really, really easy when you don’t have a cover garment!

I then did a bunch of free form field course drills where I would just develop a course at random from all my targets, and would engage them in different orders, and throw in some different reload points and movement.  Everything felt pretty good and I was enjoying myself.

Finished up by setting up my phone and recording some slow motion drills, one being Reloads from Ben Stoeger’s book, Dry-Fire Training for the Practical Pistol Shooter.  The drill calls for 3 open targets setup like for El Prez.  The book calls for 7 yards simulated, I did 10 yards simulated.  You draw and “fire” 6 rounds on the first target, reload, 6 on the next target, reload and 6 on the last target.  Par time is 5 seconds.  I got interested in this drill as a guy I follow on Instagram and Facebook posted this drill and he stated a 5 second par time.  After watching the video a couple times, it seemed off.  I used my stopwatch app on my phone and he really had the par set at 6 seconds.

I am not going to pretend that I nailed it every time, in fact it was far from it, but even the blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion.  I nailed the drill a couple times and this one was the prettiest, for me the draw and the trigger control with A hits is the easy part, but man when I screw up a reload, I really screw it up!  I have to focus on getting my eyes focus to the mag well and slow down the reload just a bit as I am guiding it in.  Just a millisecond “pause” will go a long way.

Since I filmed it in slow motion mode, the video quality sucks.  From now on, I will just film in 1080p 60fps and use software to slow it down to help me break down my screw ups.

Overall I am feeling pretty good and ready for the season.  Currently registered for the Wisconsin Sectional, Area 3, Area 5, pre-registered for the Great Plains Sectional and on the wait list for open entries for Production Nationals.  Waiting to see when the Minnesota Sectional is going to be, I am kind of hoping that it will be the Saturday after I shoot Area 5 as it is on my way home, and then I can shoot that match also.

Definitely nervous for the Wisconsin Sectional as I am squadded with Alex Gutt, who is freaking awesome.  Me going into it with no matches to practice with before is going to be difficult as I have been in practice mode and have been pushing speed.



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