Damn you weather!

Weather took a turn for the worse and it got cold and snowed today, so I hit the indoor range instead of being able to train outdoors. Also decided to take a blaster I haven’t shot in awhile to do some plinking with.

Barely anyone at the range when I got there and setup in a lane and started with a 4″ circle at 25 yards. All but 3 in the black with a fairly decent rate of fire of around 1 second per shot.

I then tried a drill that Ron Avery posted on Tactical Performance Center’s Facebook page and Brandon asked me if I thought I could do it. The drill was a TPC 1″ dot target, found Here. Ron didn’t specify the range, but it was either 3 yards or 5 yards, and I would guess that he did it at 5. Goal of the drill was to shoot each dot once with a par time of 15 seconds. I loaded my magazines to capacity which meant I would have to reload once. At 3 yards, I could make par but missed a couple of the dots. To shoot it clean, I went over in time to 16.82 seconds. At 5 yards, it wasn’t nearly as good and I threw 5 out and was at 18.6 seconds. Still a great drill for small transitions and precise shooting at speed. You definitely have to grip the gun well and push it.

I shot a bunch of Dot drills and variations of them. Some of the variations I did were shooting each dot once, then reloading and shooting them again. Also 6 shots on a dot, do a reload and fire six more on the next dot.

Biggest thing I tried to work on was accuracy and reloads. I found that my reloads in live fire are not as fast as in dry fire, which is normal, but not this much deviation. I can hit 1 second reloads in dry fire, but am averaging 1.5 to 1.8 in live fire. I need to video myself and see what is causing it. Did a bunch of 1 reload 1 drills, and Four Aces with focus on the reloads. Best load I did was 1.3 seconds, but had a few that were just embarrassing

I finished up the day with some groups at 25 yards, and put Red away. I then pulled out my Beretta 92 and shot that for a bit. I have always liked the Beretta so that was fun.  Didn’t do any real drills with it just plinking. I just wish the gun was a Brigadier so I could change the sights, but I got such a great deal on the gun I just live with the factory fixed sights. It shot well, but I shoot the CZ’s just a bit better.

It needs to get warmer out so I can hit the outdoor range. I am also chomping at the bit to shoot a match. I need to satisfy my need to compete!


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