50 mile an hour winds

Today I took a new officer to the range for his initial firearms training and qualification. Lucky him as the wind was blowing like crazy with sustained winds of 30-35 mile an hour and gust of 45-50 mile an hour. The range is in the middle of nowhere with no wind break so just keeping the targets standing and the qual targets stapled to the backer was almost impossible.

The new officer did well as I have been doing some dry fire sessions with him over the last few shifts. This was his first experience with a pistol and he was able to qualify on the first attempt. From 3 to 15 yards it was pretty easy for him as there was a slight wind break from the side berm which slowed the wind down to about 30 mile an hour, but once we hit the 25 yard line the full force of the wind struck.  Amazing how much a gust of wind can push your sights off target at 25 yards, you have to really be aware of your sights and when to press the trigger.

As it was a work thing and as I was teaching I didn’t bring the CZ’s to shoot, and just took my department issued M&P to do some demos and while he was topping off his magazines I got to fire a few rounds.

I haven’t shot the M&P since last summer when I qualified, but I didn’t seem to have any issues.  Still not my favorite of pistols, but it does the job, and makes hits easily.  I have to check the weather to see if I can make it out to the outdoor range on Friday, but I have a feeling the weather will be a bit too cold for my candy ass, so probably the indoor range.


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