70 degrees outside – Time to shoot!

Woke up early for me at 10am and headed straight to the range. Everything was already loaded in the truck, both Red and Blue, some chrono test loads, and about 1000 rounds of ammo. All my targets and stands were loaded in the truck the other day and they will stay there all summer so I can just run to the range whenever.

I started by chronographing some test loads. I recently started to do a 10 drop average on the Dillon which allows for a more accurate powder charge. Since I reduced the OAL on the rounds I am shooting as I want one load for all my 9mms. I reduced the charge weight to insure there were no problems with pressure. It turns out I did not need to.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 19.08.14.png

I did not bench them, but I shot each one for a group offhand, and they all produced fist size groups at 25 yards. 3.3 grains is 129 power factor, so I think I will bump it to 3.4 and test it again. When the loads were at 1.150″ OAL it was 130 power factor at 3.4 grains, so the OAL reduction did not create more velocity, but I will have to pay attention for pressure signs.

IMG_0445 copy.jpg

I had three USPSA metric targets setup in the standard setup of them a meter or so apart, and put the two 8″ static steel targets on each end. First thing up as an El Presidente, 5.61 seconds and 46 points, 8.1996 HF. First target was 2A’s and 2C’s, second was 3A and 1C, and the final target I screwed the pooch. 1 A, 2C, and 1 D.  Need to work on the turn and draw and my transitions. I also wasn’t as smooth on the reload as I should have been.  I have shot it better when cold.

I shot the drill a couple more times, and then shot a few Blake drills which is where I found the low hanging fruit. Transitions started off very slow. Need to work them more, it is a live fire thing and not a dry fire thing from what I can tell.  2.2 seconds at 7 yards, got to kill that last .2 seconds.

Did some Bill drills, from 3 yards to 10 yards to see if I could speed up my trigger finger. 7 yards is still under 2 seconds easy and 10 yards is right at 2 seconds. 4 Aces was 2.36 seconds at 7 yards, and 2.67 seconds at 10 yards.

Did a bunch of free form movement drills with the steel plates. I moved them around a lot and would draw shoot both plates, run to another spot and shoot the three paper targets, or shoot paper, steel, paper, steel, paper, etc.  Worked on shooting and moving in all directions and with different combinations, adding in reloads between positions. Low hanging fruit was transitions, and not “standing” up when entering positions. Different yardages and varying difficulty of targets caused me to go fast and then slow down, or go slow and then speed up.

Finished the day with 2 at 25, and 25 yard Bill drills.  After a long day of shooting I was able to shoot the 2 at 25 in 1.6 seconds with 2 alphas and rocked out a 3.18 Bill drill at 25.

I did notice I don’t pickup the sight as fast with the green fiber outdoors as I do indoors. So I am going to test red fiber in the gun for the next session. I ran red all summer last year and loved it, but didn’t like it indoors.  We will see.  Probably doesn’t matter but I like to tinker.

Basically this range session knocked the rust off, and allowed me to remember the timing of the gun on larger transitions.  Time to ramp it up even more!


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