Feels weird to be a single dad

My wife, Carla is currently doing a service and learning trip in Belize. She doesn’t have internet and been out of communication for 5 days, and is basically out of communication for another 6 days. So I have been taking care of the puppy and Barney, while still working and training. Tomorrow is laundry and reloading day, and I have to make an adjustment to my tonneau cover on the truck.

Today, I went to a buddies heated garage and built some range supplies. Originally we were going to cut rebar and weld some t’s to the tops for pull handles, but instead I found some massive rebar spikes that I will use to stake the target H’s into the ground. Just angle them right, and they will work great.  I did have to rework my H’s a bit but will be worth it. Since we did not have to weld, we drilled out the staking holes on the cheap metal target stands the department owns. Now we can stake them down with 10″ 3/8 nails. I used to use sandbags, but they are a pain in the ass to haul and does not work with steel targets as the spall shreds the bags.

We built a wall with 2×2’s and plastic fencing. Only about 5 foot long, but it is a test. I will use T-posts and then just wire the 2×2’s to the post. I just want a small vision barrier.

Used the grinder to knock a few rough/sharp edges off of the edges of the base and hanger for my steel targets. It was not bad at all, but I will be grabbing them and moving them a lot and don’t want to have to wear gloves every time. I left the target stand base unpainted, so I will probably be wearing gloves anyway. I painted the hanger and the plate itself and Wade cut a 2×4 in half for me so assembled the plates are about 4 foot in height.

Came home and took care of the dogs, and went back outside and loaded the truck up. Going to hit the outdoor range on Friday, supposed to be about 70 degrees that day. Going to go test out my steel and wall.  Call it and leave it drills, shooting and moving, position entry and exit, partials.

Going to load up some test loads tomorrow for the range on Friday, and chrono and group the ammo while at the range.



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