Bend your knees!

Lot’s of dry fire focusing on movement. Lots of position entry and exits, shooting on the move, table starts, reloads, strong and weak hand only.  Wide transitions and strange target arrays with lots of partials.  Everything is feeling pretty good.

I have found that if I want to be faster I need to get lower, so I have been paying attention to how much I bend my knees.  Not surprisingly the more bend, the better explosiveness and speed.  I need to focus not coming into a position and stand back up.  Need to keep the knees bent through out the entirety of the stage.

First major match I have coming up is the Wisconsin Sectional at the beginning of May. Looking at my work schedule, I may have to shoot it with out even shooting a club match before. The first Sioux Falls Practical Shooters match is April 17th, but I have to work the 16th from 6pm to 4am and then again the night of the 17th. The range is just over an hour away and it starts at 10am. Maybe I can shoot through.

Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters has a match on April 3rd, that one I may have to swindle at somebody at work to cover while I go see how I do against some better shooters.

Fargo Moorhead Practical Shooters Association does not have a USPSA match for April.

So I am going to get in as much outdoor movement and speed drills. I am accurate enough, I just have to shoot that accurately just faster. Will be using my 8″ static plates to practice shooting on the move, and running positions shooting it as soon as I am in the position and then leaving asap, while calling the shot.




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