My Postmaster must hate me

Been waiting for a few days for some packages to arrive.  Was pleasantly surprised that everything showed up the same day, but my poor Postmaster!  I have a PO Box so at least they didn’t have to deliver.


10k of 135gr. bullets, 2 static 8″plates with stands from XSteel Targets, some miscellaneous parts and new sights from Cajun Gun Works for the P-07, a factory Shadow rear for Blue and a new front sight to match it.  Have a holster and mag pouch for the P-07 coming tomorrow that I ordered in January.

Have everything installed.  I have to test out the P-07 with the lighter hammer spring and extended firing pin to make sure that everything does bang.  Need to check the sights on both the P-07 and Blue to make sure they are regulated.  I ordered the same front sight that I have on Red with the same rear, so hopefully they hit right.

Assembled the plates and the stands, I need to get some paint for them.  They are awesome and I can’t wait to get to the range and do some blasting with them.


Unfortunately I need to change my load slightly.  It worked perfectly with Red and Blue, but the P-07 is going to require a shorter OAL.  I tried to ream the throat but the barrel is too hard for my reamer.  I want one load for all my 9mm guns.  So I have loaded up some ammo at 1.115″ OAL and reduced the charge slightly, fit the gun well, now I just have to chrono them to see if they will make minor in Red and Blue.  I don’t care if they make minor in the P-07 as that will be my carry gun and will be using defensive ammo, and the stuff I load is just for practice.

So tomorrow during the day, I will hit the local range and do some testing, and will have to get out to the outdoor range in a few days to shoot over my chrono and then I will get to cranking out ammo again.


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