I love spending money!


Got home from work, grabbed just the gun and worked on transitions.  No drawing, no reloading, just grip and snap the sights to targets.  No trigger press.  Just broke it down to the basics.  Felt good.  I had noticed a few things on my last couple of sessions when viewing the video in slow motion, and was able to work on those issues by focusing on the basics with no other distractions.  Tonight I will make the needed adjustments while running more complicated drills.

Ordered bullets, some new sights for Blue, new sights and springs for a different pistol, and a couple 8″ static steel targets with bases.  Goodbye money!

Not surprising I didn’t get a slot for Production Nationals, as the section issued them out per placement at the Great Plains Sectional, and I just plain sucked at that match!  Waiting another month to see if they get open enrollment.  Fingers crossed.


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