Dry fire 29 Feb 2016

Tried to go into the basement to dry fire as soon as I got home, but that didn’t happen as Joy wanted to go outside and play before I could head to the basement. Finally made it down, but took Joy with me. Knowing she would be under foot I could not do any movement without not worrying about stepping on her.

I put a chair with a basket in front of me to drop magazines in and did the 6 reload 6 drill. 3 targets at 10 yards simulated. I selected a 3.5 second par time as that is what I could do the double Bill drill in. I screwed up multiple times, but I also made the time a bunch. Felt pretty good. Strong grip, decent draw and reloads, felt good.

I videoed the entire session so I could review it to see what I can fix.


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