Currently have a membership to Outdoor Adventure Center of Brookings, which is about 18 miles from me.  Clean place, good lighting, and other than one problem I had with a RO been great.  Got two 5 gallon pails of 9mm brass for $200 from the range, and got Timmy a 5 gallon pail of .40.

I am not allowed to draw but can do pretty much everything else.  I like it as much as I can like an indoor range.  Can’t wait for summer to get here so I can do some drills with movement and larger transitions.IMG_0357IMG_0356

Going to pickup some 8″ circle static steel targets this month, I am thinking 3 of them.  Also need to get some T-posts, 2×2’s, snow fence and some tools and I will have some “vision” barriers.  I will still be able to see through it, but it is better than nothing.  I looked at landscape fabric but it is more expensive compared to the snow fence.  Everything has to fit in my truck, which should be pretty easy.

Thinking of hitting the range again on tomorrow or Sunday before work.  Pew Pew.



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