Dry fire 26 Feb 2016

Strapped on the belts and made pretend pew-pew.  Started with building the draw up again as I was having some issues last time around.  Did some shooting while moving.

Moved on to shooting an array of 3 partials with no shoots and 4 poppers, then moved and reloaded and shot an array of 4 open close targets.  I shot this multiple times, and changed how I shot the arrays multiple times.  Felt decent, could move a bit faster.  Keeping my knees bent more and staying lower.

Moved on to standing reloads.  Did a couple double bill drills at 3.5 second par.  Also practiced reloading each magazine off the belt.  Draw, 1 reload 1, continue until out of magazines, and I have 5 on the belt. Tried to beat 7 and 7.5 seconds, but that ain’t happening tonight!

Videoed the entire session for my own personal review.  I see a few things that I can work on.  I hunch over pretty bad and I make some weird ass faces.

Good session, my hands are callousing up nicely, grip feels strong!


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