9 months with CZ’s



I purchased an CZ Custom Accu-Shadow (Blue) in June of last year and a CZ SP-01 Shadow (Red) in September and have been using them since for USPSA. I currently have only about 3000 rounds through the Accu-Shadow, mostly matches and some practice sessions, the Shadow has about 7000 rounds through it. The Accu was used for some dry fire, but the Shadow was used for 99% of my dry fire. I call them Red and Blue as that is the color of the grips.

“Blue” – CZ Custom Accu-Shadow (initial review link)

This gun has a butter smooth trigger in DA and a nice crisp SA pull both being done by Eric Zinn at CZ Custom. The Accu bushing definately shoots some tight groups, today I shot a group with 4 shots touching with another an inch away at 25 yards from the bench.  After putting Rami style thin safeties and slide stops on, the only thing I don’t like about the gun is the sights.  The gun comes with the HAJO rear sight and a CZ Custom fiber front, they are usable sights, but not what I prefer.  I prefer Dawson Precision fronts as I can get the exact height and width I need, plus the fiber rod install is easier.  My preference is a thinner .100″ or so front sight and a tighter rear notch.  Also the HAJO rear sight is massive.  I actually prefer the factory Shadow rear that is on Red.

Last night I removed the sights from Blue and I am going to install a Shadow rear and a Dawson .095″ W x .165″ H – Partridge style fiber.  Then the sights will match on both guns.

I have had some light strikes with it and 13lbs hammer spring.  I believe they were all from not seating the primer as deep as I could, or as I wet tumble with out depriming first there may have been a slight amount of water in the primer pocket.  Now I bake the brass and know the water is dried out, and can control the primer depth better with the Dillon 1050.

“Red” – CZ USA SP-01 Shadow (initial review here)

Yes the gun is not as accurate as Blue, but the difference really doesn’t matter in USPSA.  Today I shot multiple 2.5″ to 3.0″ groups off the bench today, plenty good for the sport.

I did the trigger work, and it is good, but not as good at the trigger on the CZ Custom gun.  I didn’t go as far to ensure that everything was perfectly smooth.  Also I didn’t use the CZ Custom competition hammer on Blue, which has shorter hammer hooks than the factory Shadow hammer on Red. The DA is not as smooth, but better than most DA guns I have shot.  The SA has a bit more creep as the hammer hooks are shorter on Blue.

I haven’t broken a trigger return spring yet, which surprises me as I have pulled the trigger on it more than 30K.  I do put grease on the spring though and when the gun was new put in a CZ Custom TRS and tossed the factory one.

I shoot it every week and usually around 500 rounds.  I haven’t cleaned it yet, just throw more oil or grease in it.  I run a dry BoreSnake through it once in a blue moon.  I just replaced the recoil spring last night.

I have had some malfunctions with it, and only with my not case gauged practice loads.  I think the solution will be a slightly shorter OAL on the rounds. Today I thought I had a light primer strike, but when I checked there was no primer. Factory ammo has been flawless.


I love these guns!  Simple as that.  The run well, they shoot great and feel great in my hands.  Weapon manipulations with them is simple and intuitive for me.  Mag changes are faster for me than when I was shooting the GLOCK, but I have put in more practice.  I also don’t have to worry about damaging the mag well like I did with the plastic guns.  The weight of them helps soak up some of the recoil.

I got the Accu-Shadow, as I would always wonder if I didn’t.  Doing it all over again, I would personally would have saved some money and not gone with the Accu, and probably just gotten a CZ Custom Shadow and used that as my match gun.

CZ is coming out with the Shadow 2 in the next year, and a bunch of people have asked me if I need to upgrade to the new model to have the latest and greatest.  Not going to happen, just going to try to wear these guns out!


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