Finally got into the basement for a dry fire session this morning after work.  Shaking some rust off and warmed up with some draws and reloads.  Then some 6 reload 6 at 10 yards trying for 3.5 seconds.  Stuck a few of them and screwed up a few.

Did some movement draws starting with just step or two and ending with sprinting several steps.

Worked on memory by picking random arrays off the wall and stringing together the arrays with reloads mixed in.  All arrays were mostly partials with no shoots and distances from 10 yards to 40 yards.  Finished with plate racks at 20 yards, and mini poppers.

Grip felt strong, reloads are still good.  Draw is a bit off on occasion when pushing for speed.  I can do repeatable 1.0 second all day, try for .70-80 draws and I screw up when grabbing out of the holster. But the draw is only part of the equation and everything else was feeling good.  Shooting tomorrow evening.  Going to only shoot groups at 25 yards and try for the tightest group possible and at a decent pace.  Taking both the practice gun and the Accu to compare both.  Still need to replace the HAJO on the Accu to match the standard Shadow, which is the factory rear and a Dawson Precision fiber front.


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