Practice? Who’s got time for that!?


Been a busy week, but not for pistol training! We had the opportunity to pick up our new puppy early. We originally were going to wait until early April but I couldn’t wait any longer, and she was ready to go. So Joy is now a major part of my life. She is cute as hell and I am going to spoil her rotten!

She is 8 weeks old, and smart as can be. The first night she came home, I had to work so Carla picked her up and brought her into my work while I was gearing up for my shift. I got to spend a few minutes with her and then it was time to work so I said my goodbye to Carla and Joy. It was a long night!

The next day I woke up after just a couple of hours of sleep and played with Joy until she was getting tired, and we spent the day getting acclimated to the kennel and the house. She found lots of things that she wasn’t supposed to and learned the command, No!

After a week she still has a few accidents around the house, but only urine. She always goes into the bathroom crate to poop and uses the training pads. I take her outside a lot to pee, but it is still too cold for her here in the frozen tundra so she starts to shiver and I am not going to make her freeze to poop outside yet. It will come quickly when the weather gets warmer.

She also seems to already know the command for sit, and does it easily. I don’t know if that was the breeder that started that training or if she is learning the behavior from our other dog Barney, but I will take it.

This week though I have to get back into the dry-fire and get to the range, so I will have to either crate her for a bit while training or have Carla watch her. She is so small and always wants to be at my feet I am afraid I would step on her or drop a mag on her.


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