Range Safety Officers

Went to the range tonight, did a bunch of different things, and near the end of my practice session a basic pistol class came in for their live fire portion.  They don’t close the range down for these and I was several lanes away doing my own thing.

When I became a member of the range in December I was told the only thing I couldn’t do was draw from a holster.  Speed reloads from the belt, table starts both loaded and unloaded are allowed which I specifically asked about.

Tonight I was doing loaded table starts on this target 3-2-1 at 7 yards.  On the beep I would pickup the gun, shoot 3 to the rectangle, 2 to the 2″ circle and 1 on the 1″ square.  I was averaging around 4.25 seconds for the drill and I was feeling pretty good.  After doing this multiple times, some old guy that was teaching the basic class came over to me and said that I couldn’t be doing what I was doing.  That we never put a loaded gun on the table, and didn’t I watch the introductory video?  I calmly stated that I had watched the video and had asked the other range officers if I was allowed to do what I was doing and they had stated yes.  He then stated that he was the head range officer and that I needed to stop doing it.  I stated okay and just decided to pack my stuff up and leave as I was irritated.

After cleaning up and picking up my brass, I exited the range to the lobby area, and the RO’s that were there apologized to me and stated that he was not correct.  I told them it was okay, and he said he was the head RO so I will do what he asked.  They then told me that he wasn’t the head RO, and that what I was doing was just fine and not against the policy of the range!  They stated that they would talk to him and that he came out and yelled at them also for allowing it, and they were all super pissed off at him.

My best guess is that as I was shooting, his students were watching what I was doing and he was having difficulty hearing everything and talking.  But instead of being a douche to me, maybe they should have the classes when the range isn’t open to the public?

I don’t normally do this, but I am going to file a complaint against him.  You don’t have to be an asshole to be a range officer.


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