Pain is weakness leaving the body


I haven’t been training like I should be.  My left wrist was giving me major issues.  Doing speed reloads would aggravate it.  Still isn’t 100 percent better but getting there.  Hoping to avoid surgery, it was feeling really good last week, and I have probably pushed it after the last couple of sessions.  Right now it is still sore and manageable, but tonight I felt a pop and it shouldn’t do that.  Guessing the tendon is still swollen and not sliding through the tendon sheath properly.

Video is a 4 Aces dry fire drill that I did tonight.  I did a few without the timer, and then grabbed it to see what times I could roll with.  This is 2.2 seconds par time at 10 yards simulated.  I don’t know how to get it faster.  I wish that my mag pouches were about an inch or so lower on the belt as I have long arms and no matter what my wrist feels cocked up when grabbing a new mag.  I have tried bullets out also and it is no better.  If they were lower, I would be good.  I have tried all the pouches on the market and none are any better at lowering the mag on the belt and then they would somehow not be legal in Production division.

So my options are to continue on with training and see what happens to the wrist, or surgery.  Right now I am going to play through the pain.  If it doesn’t get any better I will try to schedule my surgery for the beginning of April when I have a week off to take care of the new puppy as Carla will be in Seattle.  That would give me the days of recovery I would need before going back to work.  Then I should be healed in time for the Wisconsin Sectional.  I may not win it, but if there is a lot of strong hand only stuff I will rock that out like a boss as that is what most of my training has been.

I need to lose a bit more weight and continue with my cardio and plyometrics workouts but I have three full months before the Wisconsin Section match.



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