01/30/2016 – Live and dry fire practice

After letting my wrist rest for almost a month I finally got back to the range.  Shot a bunch of 1″ dots at 7 yards and groups at increased speed.  Did some strong and weak hand stuff.   Met a dude that was in the lane next to me with a CZ Custom Shadow Target, he may come shoot some matches this summer.

Got home and did some dry fire.  I still am getting pain in my wrist, but manageable aching pain not the burning/stabbing pain I have been having when training.  Another appointment on Wednesday.  There is a chance I fractured something and it has been healing naturally.

I don’t feel like I have missed a step.  My speed and accuracy was about the same.  So I haven’t gotten any worse but I haven’t improved.  On the plus side I have lost 60 pounds and have been increasing my cardio.  I really miss shooting matches and the people.

I have registered for Area 3 and Wisconsin Section.  Waiting on Nationals news.  Also on Great Plains and Minnesota registrations to open.  Will also be training with Bob Vogel in June.



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