Mr. Bulletfeeder = Awesomeness



I have been down with the ick the last several days, so a lot of sitting on my ass, hacking up a lung and having my throat feel like I drank fire.  So I was looking forward to my Mr. Bulletfeeder arriving so I could at least feel somewhat happy.  Unfortunately UPS decided to deliver it to a different house in town.  So I left the house and checked the other house that UPS delivered it to, and of course it wasn’t there.  The owners of the house were not home.  Thankfully I live in a small ass town in the middle of nowhere and somebody knows everybody.  As the owners of the house are out for the season their neighbors pickup any packages.  They didn’t recognize the name so they gave the package to the Mayor, who is also my neighbor.  So at about 8pm the Mayor hand delivered it to me.  Good man!

Then being stupid, instead of just putting the package in my man cave until I was feeling better I decided that I had to open it up and start playing with it.  So about 45 minutes later I have it mounted on the press and running somewhat decently, but not perfectly.  At this point I feel like I am going to pass out and my throat is on fire.  So it was time to call it for the night.

Today I woke up and feel a bunch better, but I am still a bit sick, but my fever has broken and I am on the mend.  More energy, but I would have still been useless at work.  I stayed home.  Later in the afternoon I decided to go into the cave to tweak the feeder.  Every once in awhile the dropper would drop 2 bullets instead of 1, and a quick check of the website told me to move the feeder collator on the case feeder closer to the dropper to allow it to move up and down smoothly.  Instant fix.

Then I would have a bullet drop upside down.  I ended up adding another thin nose guide shim for a total of 1 thick shim and 2 thin shims.  Fixed it and it ran well after that.

I only had about 850 bullets left, so I cranked them out quickly.  If I really pushed myself I could load 100 rounds in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  Of course, I wouldn’t be able do this for an entire hour, but it was definitely faster than running the press with out the feeder.

This next months purchase is another 20k bullets, I have the primers, the powder and the brass.  Until then, I guess I will just have to shoot what I have loaded in the bucket and the ammo can in the truck.

Left wrist is slowly improving.  Wearing the brace and using a TENS unit.  Resting it is the big thing, unfortunately it is putting a major damper on my training.  Hurts to grip the gun on the draw and after a reload, if I don’t apply any forward rotation to my left hand it is fine, but a slight amount makes me damn near drop the gun.  But the last week of being sick has helped as I couldn’t do anything anyway.


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