Random – 3 January 2016

Taking another short break.  I haven’t hit the range this week as I have a flare up of tendonitis in my left wrist that started about 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t really been letting it rest as I should.  So wearing the brace and taking a crap load of NSAIDs.  It is starting to feel a bit better, but I need to quit tinkering with crap in the man-cave as that usually causes it to flair up.

We had to put Cooper to sleep on the 28th of December and I have a massive hole in my heart.  We still have Barney, our Shih Tzu but it is more Carla’s dog and he focuses his attention on her.  I miss my little lap buddy, who always wanted to be on my lap or laying next to me.  We have submitted an application for a new Boston Terrier puppy and are on the waiting list for a puppy sometime around April.  I never thought that a small little Boston Terrier would have affected me as much as it has.


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