Month: January 2016

01/30/2016 – Live and dry fire practice

After letting my wrist rest for almost a month I finally got back to the range.  Shot a bunch of 1″ dots at 7 yards and groups at increased speed.  Did some strong and weak hand stuff.   Met a dude that was in the lane next to me with a CZ Custom Shadow Target, he may come shoot some matches this summer.

Got home and did some dry fire.  I still am getting pain in my wrist, but manageable aching pain not the burning/stabbing pain I have been having when training.  Another appointment on Wednesday.  There is a chance I fractured something and it has been healing naturally.

I don’t feel like I have missed a step.  My speed and accuracy was about the same.  So I haven’t gotten any worse but I haven’t improved.  On the plus side I have lost 60 pounds and have been increasing my cardio.  I really miss shooting matches and the people.

I have registered for Area 3 and Wisconsin Section.  Waiting on Nationals news.  Also on Great Plains and Minnesota registrations to open.  Will also be training with Bob Vogel in June.



Mr. Bulletfeeder = Awesomeness



I have been down with the ick the last several days, so a lot of sitting on my ass, hacking up a lung and having my throat feel like I drank fire.  So I was looking forward to my Mr. Bulletfeeder arriving so I could at least feel somewhat happy.  Unfortunately UPS decided to deliver it to a different house in town.  So I left the house and checked the other house that UPS delivered it to, and of course it wasn’t there.  The owners of the house were not home.  Thankfully I live in a small ass town in the middle of nowhere and somebody knows everybody.  As the owners of the house are out for the season their neighbors pickup any packages.  They didn’t recognize the name so they gave the package to the Mayor, who is also my neighbor.  So at about 8pm the Mayor hand delivered it to me.  Good man!

Then being stupid, instead of just putting the package in my man cave until I was feeling better I decided that I had to open it up and start playing with it.  So about 45 minutes later I have it mounted on the press and running somewhat decently, but not perfectly.  At this point I feel like I am going to pass out and my throat is on fire.  So it was time to call it for the night.


6 January 2016 – Big Brown Truck

I love when the big brown truck arrives.  Today I received my order of 20k Federal Small Pistol primers, and on the 11th my Mr. Bulletfeeder will be here for the 1050.

Next month I will place another bullet order and I should be good to go for awhile.

I need my wrist to finish healing so I can get back at it.  I was told today by a buddy that one of the C class shooters at the local club has a goal to beat me at one of the local matches.  Can’t let that happen!

Registered for the Wisconsin Sectional on May 1st in Augusta, WI.  Shooting a section match as one of the first matches of the season, may be brutal!  I can’t wait.

Random – 3 January 2016

Taking another short break.  I haven’t hit the range this week as I have a flare up of tendonitis in my left wrist that started about 3 weeks ago, and I haven’t really been letting it rest as I should.  So wearing the brace and taking a crap load of NSAIDs.  It is starting to feel a bit better, but I need to quit tinkering with crap in the man-cave as that usually causes it to flair up.

We had to put Cooper to sleep on the 28th of December and I have a massive hole in my heart.  We still have Barney, our Shih Tzu but it is more Carla’s dog and he focuses his attention on her.  I miss my little lap buddy, who always wanted to be on my lap or laying next to me.  We have submitted an application for a new Boston Terrier puppy and are on the waiting list for a puppy sometime around April.  I never thought that a small little Boston Terrier would have affected me as much as it has.