Practice – 2 December 2015

Joined the local indoor range, the Outdoor Adventure Center of South Dakota.  For just over $20 a month I get a key card and can shoot as much as I want whenever the range is open.  Only down side is that I can’t draw, but I can live with that.

I went in and had a plan of drills that I could do on the square range.  Everything was timed accuracy standards, and I used my timer and just started from low ready.  As I hadn’t shot in almost 2 months, I pushed the target back to 25 yards and shot a magazine for groups.  This sucked.  I forgot how much harder it is to see perfectly in an indoor range.  I had a four inch circle for a target and it wasn’t pretty.  I also wasn’t gripping the gun hard like I should have.

I reset and hardened the f-up and gripped the gun and the next magazine was all 17 rounds in the 4″ circle.  Much better!

I then shot Frank Garcia’s Dot Drill and sucked at it, so I moved on to some targets I got from which had a 3×5 inch rectangle, a 2″ circle and a 1″ square.  I would shoot 3 in the 3×5, 2 in the circle and 1 round at the square at 7 yards.  My average was just under 3 seconds.

Shot a few other tight transition targets with small targets and started to do better.  Finally finished up with another dot drill.  I shot the first dot well, then the next was all 6 in a tight group to the right of the dot, then the same with the next dot.  I was wondering what the hell?  I finally looked at my gun and noticed that my failure to Loc-Tite the rear sight caught up to me.  No set screw anymore and the rear sight was a 1/4″ to the right.

I packed it up and went home.  The rear sight has been Loc-Tited and the set screw replaced, but I had to order the set screws because none of the local hardware stores carry M3 set screws.


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