I have got to hit the range!

I haven’t shot a match since the 6th of September.  I had a couple of practice sessions about a month or so ago.  Starting to dry fire and reload again has gotten the juices flowing, and only dry fire isn’t cutting it.  So I am going to get a membership for the local indoor range.  This should allow me to get some practice in during the cold winter months.  It is $20 a month for a year, so not cheap but will work well for me as I can go shoot right after work.

The only bad thing is that the range doesn’t allow drawing the gun or reloading the gun, but I have a feeling using a timer, table starts and small transitions will be okay and I will spend most of my time focusing on keeping my grip strong and focus on tracking the sights.  Lots of dot drills and strong and weak hand only shooting also, going to have to research some square range drills.


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