Random thoughts – 11/20/2015

Have the day off and my back is sore, so I am ibuprofening it up and relaxing my back for the day.  It is the first snow of the year, so I got the snowblower out and prepped for the year.  Made sure the oil was good and fired right up.  Unfortunately we are not getting much snow but an hour south is getting multiple inches, lucky bastards!

I loaded up 500 rounds on the 1050, nice smooth process, only had 2 not pass the case gauge as the case was cracked.  Machine is great, can’t wait to add the bulletfeeder!  The crazy overbuilt bench helps out nicely, there is no wiggle at all when I operate the press.  Total time for the 500 rounds was about 30 minutes.  I didn’t try to break any speed records, but I am used to working with semi-automated press operation from my former manufacturing jobs and I think it helps me be able to run them decently.

Did some dryfire, which that along with the reloading signaled that it was time to take a break and gobble some more ibuprofen!


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