Getting some work done in the mancave

Last night my wife being the awesome person that she is told me to order a Dillon Super 1050 setup for 9mm.  I have been loading on a 550b for the last 10 years, and when you shoot 20 thousand rounds of 9mm a year, it gets tedious.  So time for an upgrade!

The bench that I had the 550b mounted on was a commercial grade bench and it is a great bench but I have carpet in the cave and it is a bit light and I never bolted it to the wall and it would rock a bit when using the press.  So today I decided to build a new bench for both the 1050 and the 550b.

When my mother passed away and my dad cleaned out her sewing stuff and gave it to my wife one of the things that came with it all was a door that was wrapped in black fabric and then covered with clear plastic.  I had it laying on two, 2 drawer file cabinets to use as another table in the reloading room.  While I planing out what I was going to build, I pulled off the plastic and fabric and found that it was an older solid core door and I decided that it was perfect for my new bench top.

I ran into town and picked up some 2×4’s, 2×6’s, 4×4’s and some plywood.  I used the 4×4’s for the legs and framed the old door with the 2×6’s and used carriage bolts to secure the top to the 4x4s.  I also framed the bottom of the legs and put plywood on top for another shelf.  I also ran some 2x4s underneath the bench top and the plywood as supports.  It weighs a lot more than the previous bench, and I also bolted it to the studs in the wall.  There is no movement now and I can pull on it with all of my body weight and it will not move.

I mounted up the 550b to the bench and used the old door knob hole as a way to route the power cables for my lighting for that press.  It is going to work extremely well and the 1050 will get mounted up as soon as it arrives.  I also have some more lighting to install at some point and I have to reorganize the room to better fit everything.

The best part for me is the sentimental value of using the door as the bench top.  The door originally was my dad’s office door from when he was a Captain of the Highway Patrol and he took it with him when they demolished the old headquarters and gave it to my mom for her to use.  I also still use the file cabinets, and they store extra holsters and miscellaneous gear.


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