Month: November 2015

I have got to hit the range!

I haven’t shot a match since the 6th of September.  I had a couple of practice sessions about a month or so ago.  Starting to dry fire and reload again has gotten the juices flowing, and only dry fire isn’t cutting it.  So I am going to get a membership for the local indoor range.  This should allow me to get some practice in during the cold winter months.  It is $20 a month for a year, so not cheap but will work well for me as I can go shoot right after work.

The only bad thing is that the range doesn’t allow drawing the gun or reloading the gun, but I have a feeling using a timer, table starts and small transitions will be okay and I will spend most of my time focusing on keeping my grip strong and focus on tracking the sights.  Lots of dot drills and strong and weak hand only shooting also, going to have to research some square range drills.


Random thoughts – 11/20/2015

Have the day off and my back is sore, so I am ibuprofening it up and relaxing my back for the day.  It is the first snow of the year, so I got the snowblower out and prepped for the year.  Made sure the oil was good and fired right up.  Unfortunately we are not getting much snow but an hour south is getting multiple inches, lucky bastards!

I loaded up 500 rounds on the 1050, nice smooth process, only had 2 not pass the case gauge as the case was cracked.  Machine is great, can’t wait to add the bulletfeeder!  The crazy overbuilt bench helps out nicely, there is no wiggle at all when I operate the press.  Total time for the 500 rounds was about 30 minutes.  I didn’t try to break any speed records, but I am used to working with semi-automated press operation from my former manufacturing jobs and I think it helps me be able to run them decently.

Did some dryfire, which that along with the reloading signaled that it was time to take a break and gobble some more ibuprofen!

Dillon Super 1050

1050 with Accu

I have been reloading for years, and I have finally obtained a Dillon Precision Super 1050 for the purposes of loading 9mm Minor ammunition for the sport of USPSA for my personal use.  This is a commercial grade reloading press and extremely well built.

It arrived yesterday and when I got home from work I immediately hauled it into the basement.  60 pounds and one big box.  I mounted the press, tested the case feeder finished the installation.  My back was hurting from a sprain the week before so I was done for the night.

This morning I woke up and after my wife left for work I made my way in to the mancave to see how she ran.


Getting some work done in the mancave

Last night my wife being the awesome person that she is told me to order a Dillon Super 1050 setup for 9mm.  I have been loading on a 550b for the last 10 years, and when you shoot 20 thousand rounds of 9mm a year, it gets tedious.  So time for an upgrade!

The bench that I had the 550b mounted on was a commercial grade bench and it is a great bench but I have carpet in the cave and it is a bit light and I never bolted it to the wall and it would rock a bit when using the press.  So today I decided to build a new bench for both the 1050 and the 550b.

When my mother passed away and my dad cleaned out her sewing stuff and gave it to my wife one of the things that came with it all was a door that was wrapped in black fabric and then covered with clear plastic.  I had it laying on two, 2 drawer file cabinets to use as another table in the reloading room.  While I planing out what I was going to build, I pulled off the plastic and fabric and found that it was an older solid core door and I decided that it was perfect for my new bench top.