Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 6 September 2015

First match with the new Shadow.  The front sight felt huge and I hated it, hopefully my Dawson will be here soon.  Everything else about the gun was awesome, shoots accurate and smooth.  My draw was just crap today, and I don’t know why.  Having lots of issues grabbing from the holster, probably as I keep screwing with my work Safariland ALS, GLS Pro-Fit and IWB holsters.  They all are higher on the belt and I didn’t do enough dryfire to burn it in with the BOSS.

Stage 3 – Steel Challenge Accelerator
20.09 seconds
4.9776 HF

The club only shoots 4 strings instead of doing the normal 5 strings and throw out the worst. First string was a crappy draw, but first round hits on all the steel.  After that it went to hell.  I could see the sights, but I would start my transition too early.  The last 2 strings were horrible.

Stage 4 
24 – A
1 – B
7 – C
26.58 seconds
5.4176 HF

Decent stage, decided to shoot a few targets off balance and over a wall instead of going to the low ports. I don’t know if this saved any time, but it felt like it would be faster for me. Hits were good, reloads were done fast enough that I was ready to shoot when I got to each shooting box.

Stage 5
18 – A
2 – C
1 – M (steel)
13.84 seconds
6.2139 HF

Time was decent, and I did have to do two reloads. I heard a hit on the steel and kept going, turns out that it didn’t fall. Watching the video it looks like I hit a bit low. Oh well.

Stage 1
27 – A
5 – C
25.02 seconds
5.9952 HF

Missed on the last popper of the first array and I had started moving to the next array, so I had to move back and finish it up. Everything else went pretty smooth, good hits but I still need to increase my foot speed.

Stage 2
26 – A
4 – C
25.12 seconds
5.6529 HF

Only two people beat me on time, 1 by less than a second and the other by 3 seconds, both Limited shooters. I smoked them on points though. Good gun, crap draw. Best hits I have had shooting on the run in a long time.

Final thoughts

1st place Production Division, 1st place Overall 

This winter I will be working on dropping some weight and working on moving explosively. My shooting is decent, but I need to work on my draw and reloads still. Need to be faster and more consistent. Disappointed that the club is done with matches for the rest of the season. I may have to try to get to Omaha’s match in November as I can’t make it to the next several matches in Omaha, Fargo, or any of the clubs near Minneapolis due to work.

I have made great strides this year and have improved from a low B to high A. Need some more heat though at the local club match.


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