CZ SP-01 Shadow


Having run the Accu-Shadow since June and being extremely happy with it, I decided that I needed a second gun as a backup/practice/dryfire gun.  Purchasing another Accu-Shadow seemed a bit out of my price range.  So after some research and gaining knowledge of the SP-01 Shadow internals from working on the Accu-Shadow, I decided to just pickup a factory CZ SP-01 Shadow and do the trigger work myself.

To fund the purchase, I sold off two of the GSSF certificates that I had won from the Sioux Falls match and the Minnesota match.  I found three places that stocked the factory Shadow, and I ended up choosing Arnzen Arms in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  I knew about them from shooting against several of their sponsored people at some of the level II matches in the midwest.  They were somewhat local, but I would still have to transfer the gun to an FFL as I reside in South Dakota, 1 mile over the border from Minnesota.  Arnzen gave me free shipping if I registered with their website which allowed me to purchase the gun cheaper than if I would have ordered it anywhere else.  Ordering the gun was painless and fast, and the gun arrived in 2 days.

Upon arrival to my FFL, they opened the box and I inspected the gun.  Everything was tight, smooth and looked good.  Not quite as smooth as the Accu, and the trigger was definitely heavier. I later weighed the trigger and the DA came out at 10 pounds and the SA at 3.5 pounds, the reset of the trigger was also extremely long compared to the Accu. None of this bothered me as I knew that I would be changing out some parts.

When I got home, I opened the test target from the CZ factory and was impressed as it was a nice tight grouping and one of the best I had seen from the factory. First thing I did was take it apart and remove the factory grease and give it a quick wipe down. I then pulled out my throating reamer and throated the barrel to accept my reloads. I polished the feed ramp, and smoothed out the pickup rail in the slide and reassembled. Using dummy rounds, I checked for function and called it good for the night.

During practice a couple of days later, I test fired it and confirmed zero. At 25 yards it was dead on, and produced a 5 round group from standing of 2 inches. Good enough for me!

I don’t like the factory Shadow safeties as they interfere with my support hand grip so it was time to order some parts. The following is the parts I ordered:

CZ Custom extended firing pin and Rami spring
CZ Custom trigger return spring (I ordered extras as they are a good thing to have plenty of)
CZ Custom steel guide rod
11 pound recoil spring
Shadow thin safety set
Cajun Gun Works trigger pin
Cajun Gun Works Type 1 disconnector
Some 15 pound and 13 pound hammer springs
and some other miscellaneous spare parts
Shooting Sports Innovations Scale grips in red

As this was my practice gun, I wanted to be able to quickly tell the difference in the safe so red grips were chosen. I am also going to be putting red Springer Precision base pads on the practice mags, to differentiate between practice and match mags quickly.

My parts arrived within 3 days from all vendors, and I got to work on the installation. While the gun was apart I did some polishing to the trigger bar where it rubs the frame and the disconnector. I didn’t go crazy as I just want it smooth, I don’t chase super light triggers as I don’t think it is necessary. My Accu is about 7 pounds DA and 2.75 pounds SA, and I want my practice gun to be a bit heavier to force me to focus on the trigger press on distance and hard targets.

The install was quick and painless. The disconnector dropped in with no fitting and is so close to the CZ Custom Short Reset in the Accu I really can’t tell a difference. The safety dropped in with no fitting to the sear or safety pad, I just had to fit the two sides together. I did put in a DS Perman detent spring to stiffen up the engagement.

I put it back together with a 15 pound hammer spring and I am quite happy. The DA is about 8 pounds and the single is nice and crisp at 3 pounds. I did not swap out for a competition hammer from CZ Custom and I have no complaints about the factory hammer.

The only complaint I have about the sights is the factory front has a huge fiber insert, and I have ordered a Dawson front sight to replace it.

I will be running the gun at the club match on Sunday, and I expect it should be all good.

The total cost for me to purchase this gun, and set it up was less than a Custom Shadow from CZ Custom or Automatic Accuracy, but they do some more polishing and do the work for you. I like the gun so much that if the Accu ever dies, I will just be buying another stock Shadow and doing the work myself.


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