Month: September 2015

Random Thoughts

Dryfire has been intermittent but I have been focusing on the basics.  Reloads are improving and have been able to hit 1.2 second par times.  I will hopefully have them at 1.0 by the beginning of next season.  Going to the range today to conduct an in-service and qualification for an officer that was out on maternity leave, based on her past performance it is going to be a long day!

Weight loss is going well.  I have dropped roughly 16 pounds in the last week and a half.  Protein shakes, vegetables, no carbs and minimal fats.  As my caloric intake is minimal, I haven’t been doing any hardcore workouts yet.  Still acclimating to the reduced amount of food.  First couple days was a bitch, getting better now.  Once drop another 40 pounds, and hit my goal weight of 200 lbs I start plyometrics to increase foot speed and agility.  I will also be lifting, and running to increase strength and conditioning.

Heading to San Francisco for a few days with my wife and father-in-law for his Navy ship reunion.  Will be walking all over the place, so hopefully I can drop some more weight.  The last couple of days have leveled off on dropping weight quickly.

Just got back from the range with the officer I was training.  While she was topping off mags, I get to shoot a few rounds.  Felt good.  No problems missing the draw, nice and smooth.  Reloads are the best they have been in a while.  Accuracy was good, the new Shadow once again proved its awesomeness.

I strapped on the Glock 19 with the Safariland GLS Pro-Fit after a bit, and I have to say I love that holster.  Fast as hell, and retains the gun decent enough for 3-gun, gun locks in and the release is me getting a grip.  10 yard pair head shots in 1.45 seconds is pretty decent with a gun I haven’t shot since June.  I think the Shadows are just making me better with any and all guns.

Didn’t really get to do much training, but it felt really good to smoke the draws and reloads again.  I need to dry-fire more often!


Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 6 September 2015

First match with the new Shadow.  The front sight felt huge and I hated it, hopefully my Dawson will be here soon.  Everything else about the gun was awesome, shoots accurate and smooth.  My draw was just crap today, and I don’t know why.  Having lots of issues grabbing from the holster, probably as I keep screwing with my work Safariland ALS, GLS Pro-Fit and IWB holsters.  They all are higher on the belt and I didn’t do enough dryfire to burn it in with the BOSS.

Stage 3 – Steel Challenge Accelerator
20.09 seconds
4.9776 HF

The club only shoots 4 strings instead of doing the normal 5 strings and throw out the worst. First string was a crappy draw, but first round hits on all the steel.  After that it went to hell.  I could see the sights, but I would start my transition too early.  The last 2 strings were horrible. (more…)

CZ SP-01 Shadow


Having run the Accu-Shadow since June and being extremely happy with it, I decided that I needed a second gun as a backup/practice/dryfire gun.  Purchasing another Accu-Shadow seemed a bit out of my price range.  So after some research and gaining knowledge of the SP-01 Shadow internals from working on the Accu-Shadow, I decided to just pickup a factory CZ SP-01 Shadow and do the trigger work myself.

To fund the purchase, I sold off two of the GSSF certificates that I had won from the Sioux Falls match and the Minnesota match.  I found three places that stocked the factory Shadow, and I ended up choosing Arnzen Arms in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  I knew about them from shooting against several of their sponsored people at some of the level II matches in the midwest.  They were somewhat local, but I would still have to transfer the gun to an FFL as I reside in South Dakota, 1 mile over the border from Minnesota.  Arnzen gave me free shipping if I registered with their website which allowed me to purchase the gun cheaper than if I would have ordered it anywhere else.  Ordering the gun was painless and fast, and the gun arrived in 2 days.

Upon arrival to my FFL, they opened the box and I inspected the gun.  Everything was tight, smooth and looked good.  Not quite as smooth as the Accu, and the trigger was definitely heavier. I later weighed the trigger and the DA came out at 10 pounds and the SA at 3.5 pounds, the reset of the trigger was also extremely long compared to the Accu. None of this bothered me as I knew that I would be changing out some parts. (more…)