Practice – 31 August 2015

Made it out to the range today with a plan of practice, speed was the theme of the day.  First thing I did was setup the standard practice setup from Stoeger’s Skills and Drills, 3 targets with 1 yard apart spacing.  I then used my handy line marking paint to mark off 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, and 50 yards.

I function tested my new Shadow, by firing off a magazine, and made sure that it was zeroed at 18 yards.  Good to go.  Parts are on the way, going to set this up with a slightly heavier trigger than the Accu.  Ordered my grips in red so I can quickly tell the difference in the safe.

I then ran an CM 99-11 El Presidente.  I only allowed myself one run, and that was it.  T1 was 1 A and 3 C’s, T2 was 3 A’s and 1 C and T3 was 4 A’s, for 52 total points, and the time was 5.54 seconds.  Hit factor comes out to 9.3862, and according to and, it is 91.4733% so a Master percentage.  Too many C’s for that speed, but a good speed.  Need to clean it up a bit.

I ran a couple of Bill Drills and Blake Drills, and found my times were under 2.0 seconds with all A’s.  So I pushed myself, and started throwing C’s but got my times down to 1.6 seconds on Bills and 1.7 on Blakes.

I moved back to 25 yards and ran some Bill drills and found that I can easily hit 3.5 seconds with all A’s and had one great run at 3.0 seconds with all A’s.  Usually at that speed I would shoot a close C or two.  I did try a 2.5 second Bill and threw 2 D’s, 3 C’s and 1 A, got to tighten that grip up!

I ran about a dozen 50 yard Bill drills and if I paced at 6.0 seconds I would shoot 4 or 5 A’s and a close C or two.  If I pushed to fast, it was D zone city.

Moved up to what I thought was the 7 yard line and started Stoeger’s Criss Cross drill, which is 2 body, 2 head, 2 body, reload, 2 head, 2 body, 2 head on the three targets.  Stoeger says in the book to run it as hit factor scoring not perfect alphas.  I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t making Stoeger’s 6.5 second par time, and was off the pace at 7 seconds.  I then paid more attention and noticed I was shooting at the 10 yard mark.  So did the math and the hit factor was acceptable and I check the book and found 7 seconds was his par at that distance.

I moved up to 7 yards and boy did that get easier.  6.5 seconds was easy with only a B hit or two so I pushed the speed up.  I could get 5.7 seconds if I stayed loose and hit the reload.  I would drop a few more points, but I only threw 1 mike in about 20 runs.  Average hit factor was in the 9’s, but I did have one 10 hit factor run.

I moved on to Stoeger’s heads drill, 2 shots per head.  At that distance I felt that only A’s were acceptable, and I could run it at 3.1 seconds with all A’s fairly consistently.  Stoeger’s par time is 3.5 with A’s.  I changed it up after a bit to strong hand only and weak hand only.  Strong hand was about 3.5 seconds and was challenging to get all A’s but doable with focus.  Weak hand wasn’t as pretty, but I could do 4.2 seconds if I stayed relaxed and the strong to weak hand transfer was smooth.

I moved back to the 50 yard line and slowed down a bit to shoot some groups.  They were not the prettiest, but I could keep them in the A zone when shooting right.  Tried a few more Bill drills at that distance and got a bit sloppy with the trigger and shot several D’s per run, but I was pushing for 5 second runs.

I decided I was done after that, as I wasn’t drinking enough water and my hands were starting to lose the strength and dexterity.  I shot roughly 500 rounds and it was a good day.  Still need to work on my reloads, and gripping harder with the weak hand.  Haven’t been keeping up with the dryfire as much as I should, so my draw was a bit sloppy and not as consistent as it could be.  No video, as I didn’t remember to bring the camcorder and trying to get the phone setup in the wind was more annoying than it was worth.


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