Practice – 24 August 2015

I didn’t get a chance to practice much on my own this summer, only a few times and at the very beginning of the season.  Since July most of the times I was at the range I was training other people and would get to shoot only to demonstrate something.  This practice was just me working on my deficiencies.  The two areas I decided to target were to practice gripping strongly with my weak hand which I have been slacking off in dry-fire, and transitions.

Started by setting up my targets at 10 yards with spacing of 3 yards.  No partials.

First drill was just to shoot a group at 5 yards.  Made sure that I gripped strongly with my support hand.  Practiced slapping the hell out of the trigger, and found that by gripping the gun hard will allow me to quickly work the trigger HARD.  While I have always known this, I found that I would be somewhat lazy and just grip “good enough”.  When done with a drill or a stage, my hands should hurt from gripping the gun.

Next was some Bill Drills to reinforce the gripping of the gun while at speed and after a draw.  Ran them all at just under 2 seconds and the hits were better Alphas than in the past, as focusing on the grip would return the sights to the same place better and my trigger press could still be fast and sloppy, but the sights would not jerk out of alignment.  Still having difficulty going much faster than 2 seconds, usually around 1.8 seconds is my best.  My trigger finger doesn’t seem to move faster than .17 splits.  Also found my surrender draw is about .1 slower than my hands at sides.

I then shot a Dot Drill and failed it on the second dot.  Total out were 5 rounds.  With the last 2 dots having 2 out each.

Focusing on transitions, I shot left to right at 10 yards and could make my 2.4 seconds par time when I stayed relaxed.  Grip the gun tight and keep everything relaxed.  I then did it right to left.  I would start in the middle and go right or left and have to make the large transition to the other target.  Times were better than I expected, hits were A’s or close C’s.  Also did a couple of runs heads only, next time I will be doing Stoeger’s Criss-Cross drill from Skills and Drills.

I then did it strong hand, and weak hand, both produced good hits, but could be sped up.  I pushed it a couple of times and shagged a bunch of D’s especially weak hand as I didn’t pull the trigger well when trying to haul ass.

I did some moving and shooting while transitioning, and I thought it went well but I am going to have video tape it next time to see if I am moving as fast as I think I am.

I shot a few iterations of 4 Aces, and my reload times are still right about 1.2 seconds.  Still can’t get the drill under 2.5 easily because of the reload.

Before packing it up I decided to shoot another Dot Drill.  Focused on the front sight, and gripping the gun well.  First time I have cleaned it at 7 yards.  Each time was right around 4.5 seconds.

I then finished up with three 25 yard Bill drills.  Each were under 4.0 seconds and the best was 3.53 and all Alphas.  These felt very, very good!

In all a good session, the goals I was working on were met.

Tomorrow I get to go pickup my second Shadow which is a non-Accu model, and it will be my backup and my practice gun.  Can’t wait, as then worrying about the gun going down will no longer be a concern of mine.


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