Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 9 August 2015

I will be honest, I didn’t give it my all at this match. I woke up tired, and when I got to the range I found that my closest competitor wasn’t coming I just kind of ran on autopilot.  It was humid as hell but the temp wasn’t that bad, just enough to make you sweat like a whore in church.

Stage 2 – Down South
23 – A
2 – C
1 – D
1 – M
1 – Procedural
25.78 seconds
3.9566 hit factor

Didn’t really do much of a walk-through before hand. I ran the timer until it was my time to shoot. Forgot a popper that was behind another popper and left it standing. So a miss and a procedural for failure to engage. I didn’t move to the first target quickly and just kind of sauntered over to it. After that I moved a little better, but I wasn’t really pushing myself at all. D hit was on a far target and I have no excuse.

Stage 3 – WTF
32 – A
2 – C
39.58 seconds
4.1940 hit factor

Good accuracy, until the plate rack at the end. Should have went one for one, but my weak hand grip was shit. The humidity was making it slippery, and I didn’t apply more Pro-Grip before the stage. Stage plan was good, but I didn’t move very fast. I could have moved faster, but I again just kind of moved through it slowly trying to avoid breaking the 180 and I didn’t want to knock over all the barrels in the middle row.

Stage 4 – Wait for Me
25 – A
4 – C
23.72 seconds
5.7757 hit factor

Light primer strike, and then the slide didn’t lock back caused me to have to rack the gun twice in the stage. Good hits, would have been a good time, but the malfunction slowed me down about 3 to 4 seconds.

Stage 5 – Speed Limit
10 – A
6 – C
10.36 seconds
6.5637 hit factor

Good run, smooth and fast. Reload was good, hits could have been a bit better. Lots of C’s. High overall.

Stage 6 – CM 13-06 Too Close for Comfort
8 – A
2 – C
6.87 seconds
6.6958 hit factor

Smooth, but dropped 2 C’s. Probably a 75+ percent run. High overall.

Stage 1 – Move or Die
24 – A
7 – C
22.07 seconds
6.3888 hit factor

Shot the visible paper to the right, reloaded and hit the visible paper on the left while moving. Reloaded at shot the steel, I needed several makeup shots on the 6″ plates. Pathetic, pushing for speed, and transitioning early. Fast splits and transitions on the last array of paper. Decent stage.

Even though I wasn’t really pushing this match, I still was 3rd overall and 1st Production. Other things I noticed, was draw was occasionally crap as I didn’t get a good grip to start. Going to have to dryfire quite a bit before MN Sectional this coming weekend.


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